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Rent and pickup in the Tampa Bay area or we ship directly to your doorstep any wireless microphones you may need for live concerts, theatrical performances or a company presentation.  Our shipping is always free from us to you, anywhere in the continental United States and we provide a free return label for your convenience. Our 24/7 customer service support we provide takes the worry out of your rental. Local pickup available in the Tampa Bay Area.  Call us today so we can help amplify your event!

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Sennheiser EW135 G3

Professional Handheld Microphone for singing, vocal performances, speech, corporate events and can also be used for many other applications.

Allows you the freedom from the cabling of standard wired microphones!  

$65 Week Rental Rate (Shipping Included)
$30 Weekend Rate (Local Pickup Only)


MM-PSM Low-Profile Wireless Earset

E6i type Low profile Omni-Directional Earset.      Very discrete Earset with a high quality Omni-Directional pattern allowing for very good pick up and sound quality. Perfect for speech, talking heads, corporate events, theatrical performances and musicals. 

$30 Week Rental Rate (Shipping Included)
$20 Weekend Rate (Local Pickup Only)


Sennheiser EW152 G3 Wireless Headset Microphone

Professional Sennheiser ME3 headset designed for singing, speech, dance productions, theatrical performances and many other applications.

To be worn over the head.

$65 Week Rental Rate (Shipping Included)
$30 Weekend Rate (Local Pickup Only)


MM PSM-L Low Profile Lavaliere Microphone

All-purpose, rugged and easy to hide. Put the unit in your hair, costume or tape onto the performers' face in film, theater and broadcast. Well suited for news anchors, conductiong interviews, lecturers, churches, schools and general lavaliere applications. Small and not intrusive

$30 Week Rental Rate (Shipping Included)   $20 Weekend Rate (Local Pickup Only)                                                  


Sennheiser EW112 G3 Wireless Lavaliere Microphone

Professional wireless lavaliere/lapel microphone system designed for speech, theatrical, corporate and video production. 

Great sound quality with discrete visibility.

$65 Week Rental Rate (Shipping Included)
$30 Weekend Rate (Local Pickup Only)


Sennheiser Rack System

8 channel Wireless Rack system with paddles to provide antenna distribution to streamline your wireless rental and help reduce outside interference.  This will minimize the overall number of antennas and may reduce interference problems while using multiple receivers. Best used for more complicated applications.
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Sennheiser Wireless Splitter w/ Directional Paddles

Active Wireless Antenna Splitter for G3 Receivers with wideband Passive Directional UHF Antennas for use with Sennheiser Wireless Mic Systems.

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