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    Top Reasons to Consider Hiring an Outside AV Provider

    The importance of audio visual system in an event should never be underestimated.When used appropriately, it encourages interaction with attendees and share powerful messages with your audience.Although most venues like conference centers and hotels have their own AV system, we highly recommend that you hire an outside AV provider if you want to ensure the success of your event.Here are top reasons to consider an outside AV provider.More equipment and service options Sometimes, people think that...  Read More...

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    Four Important Details Required for Proper Event AV Selection

    Picture it. I’m attending a friend’s wedding, and her father is handed a microphone to say a few heartfelt words about his daughter and new son-in-law. Everyone is silent as they await the words to be spoken by the Father-of-the-Bride.   Read More...

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    Production Manager = Organized Cluster Executive

    There are more software options, mobile apps and old school paper products which can assist in keeping your personal and work life organized.  It really doesn’t matter what solution  you choose as long as it works for you and your team. Every year I run an event that requires me to be in 7 different locations that overlap each other at the same time.   Read More...

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    Work in Good Company

    I just wrapped up another outdoor festival production where we provided everything from Staging, Audio, Lighting and of course my portable AC unit to deal with the 98 degree Florida weather. This event reminded me how important it is to have a quality crew with you on every event you do. Let me explain…This was easily the type of event that I could have brought in an intermediate crew, paid less in labor, left a bunch of gear in the warehouse and everything would have been acceptable.   Read More...

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    FL Thespians 2015

    Our favorite events are the ones that are not only fun and exciting but that also include a good cause. For the last 5 years, we have been heavily involved in the AV production of the annual Florida State Thespian Convention that takes place in downtown Tampa, FL. This Festival bring between 7,000-9,000 high school students into the downtown bay area for a week of Performances, showcases and classes all based around the theatre world.We have the ability to work with these kids and the administra...  Read More...

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